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Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS):
Code and Commodity Description

In order to meet the requirements on customs clearance, when posting Speedpost non-document items, please fill in the HKHS Code on the Speedpost Address Pack and the commercial invoice. The commodity description must also be written in English in a clear and accurate manner. Otherwise, customer shall bear any consequential costs caused by inappropriate declaration.

Guidelines on clear and accurate commodity description

The commodity description should tally with the HKHS Code and be written in English in a clear and accurate manner. Unclear description such as gift, accessory or samples, etc. should not be used. Please refer to the examples in the table below:-

Unclear description should not be used, e.g.: Clear and accurate description should include the followings:-
Accessory, parts, spare parts Specify the name and purpose of the parts, e.g. Parts of dish washing machines
Sample / Gift Specify the name, e.g. Puzzles
Textiles/ Garment Specify the name, material(s) used and gender intended, e.g. Men's cotton shirt
Toy Specify the name, material(s) used and purpose, e.g. Plastic toy train

For enquiries on the appropriate HKHS code, please call Census and Statistics Department's commodity code enquiry hotline on 3178 8933, or visit their website at