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Mail Packaging and Preparation
Step 1 :
Check the Weight and Size Limit of the Posting Destination
Refer the "Weight and size limit" under More About Posting More About Posting
Step 2 :
Fill in the Posting Form (Pos 460)
Please fill in the Posting Form (Pos 460), sample as below :
Step 2
Posting Tips
Completing Address Pack (Pos 460)
Step 3 :
Fill in applicable Custom Declaration Form
Refer to Customs Requirements by DestinationCustoms Requirements by Destination
Step 3
Posting Tips
1. Completing the Customs Declaration (Pos 401C)
2. Completing the Customs Declaration (Pos 401D)
3. Completing the Green Label (Pos 401G)
Step 4 :
Preparing the Commercial Invoice (if applicable)
Commercial invoice is required if the posting item is not a document or posting to certain destinations e.g. Italy.
Posting Tips
Preparing the Commercial Invoice
Step 5 :
Affixing Agreement Number Barcode Label
Before posting, an Agreement Number Barcode Label must be affixed to the lower left corner of the item and the designated space on the Address Pack (Post Office Copy) for identification purpose.
Step 5
1. The designated space on the Address Pack (Post Office Copy)
2. The lower left corner of the item