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Specially introduced for e-business, Specially introduced for e-business, "EC-Post" service covers major provinces and cities in Mainland China. Speedpost account customers can now send goods weighing 2kg or less to your customers in Mainland China with the shortest time of 4 days and at the lowest rate of HK$59.


Lower Cost Wider Coverage

Both economical and efficient, "EC-Post" service helps courier goods to your customers in Mainland China within a few days at a much lower cost (less than half of regular courier’s postage). The service covers areas within Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Sichuan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong and Tianjin, facilitating your contact with Mainland China consumers while allowing better budget control with a flat rate on area basis.

Value-added Services with Convenience and Efficiency

Speedpost account customers can simply login to My Speedpost to prepare posting forms and customs declarations. Besides, with 24-hour online tracking as well as other value-added services such as email notification, you can promptly respond to enquiries from buyers, hence speeding up the transaction process. Goods can be posted conveniently at over 120 post offices throughout the territory. For sending 20 items or more, you can also use our pick-up service (pick-up hotline: 2921 2266).

The quick and easy "EC-Post" is no doubt a good helper of e-business.

"EC-Post" Service Rates
Destination Flat Rate per Item Weighing 2kg or less
Within Guangdong Province HK$59
Outside Guangdong Province HK$69

Don't miss the chance! Send now your items to Mainland China with "EC-Post".

Service Details

Hotline: 2921 2277
Website: www.speedpost.hk


  1. Applicable to Speedpost account customers only.
  2. Items sent through "EC-Post" can be delivered within 4 working days at the earliest. No compensation or refund of postage is payable for delay in delivery.
  3. The maximum weight limit per item is 2kg. For sending items weighing more than 2kg, please use Speedpost Standard Service.
  4. Pick-up service is only available for sending 20 or more "EC-Post" items. The maximum weight limit per item is 2kg. Posting over the counter is required if the quantity is less than 20.
  5. "EC-Post" service coverage applicable to designated zip code areas only.
  6. Speedpost account customers are required to login My Speedpost to fill in and print the EC Post service posting form (Pos918). If customers have used the Speedpost Standard service posting form (Pos460), then the item will be charged at Speedpost Standard rates.
  7. To facilitate barcode scanning, all 5 copies of the posting form (Pos918) MUST BE printed by laser printer. Collection officer will test on site the readability of the barcode imprinted on all 5 copies of the posting form (Pos918). If the barcode fails to be read by barcode scanner, the item will not be picked up since delivery agencies are unable to process any item without a readable barcode.