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"Cash on Delivery" service

Suspension of Speedpost "Cash on Delivery" service
Speedpost "Cash on Delivery" service will be suspended starting from 14 May 2018 till further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

"Cash on Delivery" service
Collect money for your goods while delivering on time!

Speedpost "Cash on Delivery" service mainly targets at those urgent items posted to Guangdong area in China. Money can be collected upon delivery of your items, ensuring high reliability and giving you greater peace of mind! In view of the gloomy economic outlook and tightened credit, it is crucial to manage your financial income carefully. If you want to speed up cash flow and avoid bad debt at the same time, our "Cash on Delivery" service is surely your best choice .

Applicable area: Guangdong Province, China
Eligible items: Goods items (including sample, merchandise and gift)
Customer: Speedpost account customers only
Posting service: Items must be posted via Speedpost Standard Service
Online posting form: Speedpost account customers can fill out and print the online posting form via My Speedpost anytime, anywhere
Posting mode: Monday-to-Sunday pick-up service
Fees: The addressees in Guangdong shall pay the followings by RMB in cash:
  • Payment for goods item – The amount to be paid is printed on the posting form. The maximum amount collected for each "Cash on Delivery" item is RMB 5,000.
  • Handling charge – 2% of the payment for the goods item. The minimum handling charge is RMB20.
Return of money collected: The money collected at the time of delivery will be returned to sender by cheque in Hong Kong dollars, and the amount of which is calculated at the exchange rate published on My Speedpost on the date of posting. The cheque will be sent by mail at least 10 working days after successful delivery

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  1. "Cash on Delivery" Service is applicable only to Speedpost account customers.
  2. Postage Paid by Addressee Service and Cash on Delivery Service cannot be used together.
  3. Speedpost account customers are required to login My Speedpost to fill in and print the posting form (Pos494B) for Cash on Delivery service. If customers use the Speedpost Multi-partAddress Pack (Pos460) or other posting forms, the item will be processed as a normal Speedpost item. Hongkong Post will not collect payment from the addressee.
  4. To facilitate barcode scanning, all 5 copies of the posting form (Pos494B) MUST BE printed by laser printer. Collection officer will test on site the readability of the barcode imprinted on all 5 copies of the posting form (Pos494B). If the barcode fails to be read by barcode scanner, the item will not be picked up since delivery agencies are unable to process any item without a readable barcode.

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