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Speedpost 40th Anniversary - Interviews with Customers

Customer interviewed: Linke Computer Limited

Speedpost - An International Courier Service Partner for Online Shoppers

Linke Computer Limited, an online trading company selling electronic products to local and overseas customers via its webpage, has established its own retail business after several years of operation. The company continues to boost online sales and explore overseas markets through electronic platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Linke Computer Limited

According to Mr Lam, the person-in-charge of Linke Computer Limited, internet shopping becomes increasingly popular in recent years. With just a few simple steps, customers can place orders and have products delivered to them from the comfort at home, making online shopping a time-saving and convenient option. On the other hand, selling products online helps merchants save operating costs such as rental and staff cost and broadens the customer base overseas, thus attracting many retail merchants to develop their e-trading platforms and making internet trading one of the emerging industries in recent years.

However, the competition within the e-commerce industry is fierce. Customers can find hundreds of online shops selling similar products through an online search. In order to beat your competitors, e-merchants have to pay attention to every detail of the service to satisfy customers’ needs. Courier service, among others, is very crucial. Mr Lam stated that an efficient and safe delivery service was one of the major challenges to online traders, and therefore a strong and reliable delivery partner was essential.

Linke Computer Limited

Since 2010, Mr Lam has started to offer Speedpost of Hongkong Post as an option for delivering goods to overseas destinations such as the U.S. and Mainland China. As most of their customers are individual customers, Speedpost can fulfill the delivery needs underpinned by B2C online shopping market with its worldwide postal network which covers commercial and residential addresses.

Mr Lam also said, "Nowadays, many customers want to have a one-stop service embracing shopping and delivery. We choose Speedpost for its simple and convenient custom declaration procedure. As Speedpost also provides services at economical prices, it becomes a popular choice among customers."

Last but not least, Mr Lam said that in an increasing competitive market driven by higher customers’ expectation on courier service, Speedpost not only provides quality international courier service, but also allows customers to check the delivery status of their Speedpost items through internet or 24-hour hotline anytime and anywhere, giving customers peace of mind. Therefore, Mr Lam is more than happy to provide Speedpost service as a delivery option for his overseas clients and will continue to choose Speedpost as a long-term courier partner for his online business.