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Speedpost 40th Anniversary - Interviews with Customers

Customer interviewed: RacingThePlanet

Speedpost -Reliable courier partner
Saving costs and delivering business

RacingThePlanet RacingThePlanet

Established in 2009, RacingThePlanet (www.racingtheplanet.com) is mainly engaged in online retail business selling high-end outdoor gear to users around the world. At present, they offer over 20 000 products from 250 brands for sale online. Operations Manager Simon Damodaran said, "Due to our global customer base, products are delivered to customers through international courier service almost every day. Speedpost has always been our exemplary international courier partner."

"The international courier service provided by Speedpost plays a significant role in our business development where its speedy delivery helps us boost customers’ confidence. For instance, customers from major cities of US are surprised by our swift delivery service. Products usually reach their hands in two days."

Despite the increasing popularity of e-shopping, unlike shopping on the street where you can get the merchandise immediately, online shoppers express their concern over aftersales arrangements. Questions like whether the order is being processed, when the merchandise will arrive often pop up in their mind. Simon explained, "Another reason for choosing Speedpost is its round-the-clock online track and trace service which allows both sellers and buyers to check the delivery status of an item anytime, anywhere. This feature not only greatly bolsters our confidence but also gives our customers peace of mind."

When talking about the challenges of online retail business, he said, “Amidst current uncertain economic outlook, our company is also facing various challenges, such as cost increases, intense competition, etc. Although selling products online can help save the shop rent and salaries of employees, in order to satisfy customers’ demand for quick delivery and transportation costs control, the rate and quality of courier service are their main consideration. By offering reliable service at a reasonable price, Speedpost stands out among all other courier service providers. With Speedpost to help us reduce costs, we are in a better position to beat our counterparts.

"Speedpost provides reliable express courier service at an affordable rate and help us deliver our goods to major cities worldwide. It is the best partner for e-trading and we will continue to choose Speedpost as our international courier partner."