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Next Flight Out Service

Speedpost “Next Flight Out Service” has been suspended till further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Speedpost "Next Flight Out Service"

Want to send item urgently? Speedpost "Next Flight Out Service" is your best choice. It covers 8 major cities in Asia and Europe, and your urgent can be delivered at night of the posting day at the earliest, allowing you to feel at ease.

Service Features

  1. Priority delivery to Singapore, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, London, Paris and Amsterdam
  2. Convenient access for posting at post offices and by pick-up service
  3. Immediate confirmation of delivery via SMS

"Next Flight Out Service" is exclusive to Speedpost Account Customer. Please refer to notes listed below upon your posting:-

  • Area
  • Posting
    and latest time
    of posting
  • Rate
  • Posting
  • Restricted /
  • Other
Cities Applicable Postcode at
Expected Delivery Time
Document Item Non-document Item
Asian cities
Singapore 100000-118381,
22:00 pm23:00 pm
Taipei 100-116 20:00 pm 21:00 pm
Manila 1000-1012,
20:00 pm 22:00 pm
Penang 10000-11600 22:30 pm
(for posting on Mon., Wed. & Sat.),or
01:00 am on the next day (for posting on Tue., Thu. & Fri.)
23:30 pm
(for posting on Mon., Wed. & Sat.), or
02:00 am on the next day (for posting on Tue., Thu. & Fri.)
Kuala Lumpur 50000-59200 23:30 pm 23:30 pm
European cities
London N1-22,
15:00pm on the next day 17:00pm on the next day
Paris 75000-75999,
15:00pm on the next day 17:00pm on the next day
Amsterdam 1001-1099 15:00pm on the next day 17:00pm on the next day
Channels Asian Cities European Cities
Latest time of posting Service date Latest time of posting Service date
General Post Office* at Central,
Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office
Granville Road Post Office
Gillies Avenue Post Office
Kowloon Central Post Office
Sheung Wan Post Office
Tsuen Wan Post Office
Airport Post Office

Mon. to Sat.
(except public holiday at destination and Hong Kong)

18:00 pm

Mon. to Fri.

(except public holiday at destination and Hong Kong)

Pick-up service hotline: 2921 2266**

(last order call)
(Estimated pick-up time: 11:00am)

18:00 pm
(last order call)
(Estimated pick-up time: 19:00am)

*Item acceptance is still applicable at GPO during the public holidays
**Area applicable for pick-up service:
Hong Kong Island: From Sai Ying Pun to Chai Wan
Kwoloon Peninsula: East to Yau Tong (excluding Tseung Kwan O), South to TST, West to Cheung Sha Wan,North to Lion Rock
New Territories: Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan (excluding Tsing Yi), Shatin (excluding Ma On Shan), Tai Wai and Fo Tan

If item is posted after the latest time of posting, one more working date is required to add on the delivery standard.

Destinations Asia Europe
Item type Document Non-Document Document Non-Document

1kg or below

HK$2,500 HK$3,000 HK$2,600 HK$3,500
Rate for every 1kg for over 1kg up to 10kg HK$10/kg HK$15/kg
Rate for every 1kg for over 10kg HK$100/kg HK$150/kg
Note: Weight-based price per item. Each part 1kg will be rounded up to the next whole 1kg.

Either document or non-document items are applicable:

  1. Unit weight shall be </=30kg.
  2. The maximum length per item is 1.5m, and the combined length and girth shall not be >3m.
  3. Recommended maximum value per item*:-
    1. Singapore, Taipei, Manila, Penang, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam: $1,500 per item
    2. Kuala Lunpur: $900 per item

* Posting those items which unit value exceeds the recommended maximum value may result in the delay in item processing due to seizure by the Customs.


  1. Apart from filling in the POS460 address pack, customer has to provide 3 sets of proforma invoice for the non-document item. For textile and garment products, full set of export licence, TTR, country of origin and quota licence are required.
  2. Addressee has to pay import duty/tax incurred by the shipment.

Animal products, plant and plant products (e.g. animal skins, cotton, seeds, teas, tobacco, furs, ivory & endangered animal products), counterfeit or Pirated goods or materials, currency & Negotiable instruments in Bearer Form, dangerous goods, hazardous or combustible materials, including asbestos, dry ice as defined by IATA regulations, drugs and pharmaceutical products, medical samples (e.g. diagnostic specimens, blood, urine, bodily fluids, tissue samples), human remains (including ashes), firearms, parts thereof, weapons (including swords) and ammunition, liquids (dangerous and non-dangerous), perishable items (e.g. flowers, fruit & foodstuffs items requiring temperature control or special handling), pornography, antiques or Fine Arts with value (Collectible and/or irreplaceable items worth more than its original purchase price or it is not commodity available), precious metals and stones (including Bullion, Jewellery, Industrial Diamonds & Carbons), and any Item(s), the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, regulation or stature of any federal, state or local government from to or through which the shipment may be carried.

  1. The current Speedpost policies regarding insurance, other terms, service terms and conditions and compensation apply to Next Flight Out Service.
  2. Next Flight Out Service is exclusive to Speedpost account customers.
  3. Service fee is still payable even if an ordered shipment is cancelled by the customer during transit.
  4. Hongkong Post will not accept any claim for compensation due to any of the following delays:-
    1. Delay in delivery of an item resulting from seizure by Customs due to the failure of the customer to provide relevant customs document(s).
    2. Delay in delivery of an item due to the failure of the customer to provide valid telephone number and other contact details of the addressee.