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Commercial Invoice

Preparing the Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoice is required if the posting item is not a document. The required number of copies of invoice should be enclosed in an envelope and attached securely to the item sent. Each invoice should have a company letterhead (not applicable to personal items), be typed in English; hand written is not valid, and provide the following information:

  1. Item number e.g. EE123 456 789 HK.
  2. Date of sending the item.
  3. Sender's Company / Sender's Name, Address and Telephone No.
  4. Addressee's company / Addressee's Name, Address and Telephone No.
  5. Country and city of destination.
  6. Goods' description with true value, quantity and precise description.
    e.g. 1 electrical toy car (with 2AA batteries detached), 3 pieces of cotton shirts for men, etc.
  7. Sender's signature and company chop (not applicable to personal items) in blue ink.
  8. Term of delivery (eg. CFR, FOB, etc.) (if applicable).
  9. Samples of Commercial Invoice (Please refer to the format in the sample to prepare the invoice if needed)