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Completing the Green Label (Pos 401G)

(Pos 401G)

  1. Please tick the appropriate box or boxes specifying the category of item.
  2. Please give a detailed description, quantity and unit of measurement for each article, especially for articles subject to quarantine (plant, animal, food products, etc.)
  3. Senders of commercial items, MUST indicate the HS tariff number (which must be based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System developed by the World Customs Organization) and the country where the goods originated (including production, manufacture or assembly).
  4. Please indicate the net weight of each article (in kg).
  5. Please indicate the total weight of the item (in kg).
  6. Please give the value of each article, indicating the currency used.
  7. Please give the total value of the item, indicating the currency used.
  8. Please write down the date and sign.


The customs declarations should be completed in English or a language which is accepted in the destination.

To clear any items, the customs in the destination need to know what the contents are. Sender must therefore complete Sender's declaration fully, accurately and legibly. Otherwise delay and inconvenience may be caused for the addressee. Moreover, a false, misleading or incomplete declaration may lead, for instance, to the seizure of the package.

It is also Sender's responsibility to enquire into import and export regulations (prohibitions, make-up etc.) and to find out what documents, if any (certificate of origin, health certificates, invoices, etc.), are required in the destination and to attach them to this form.

The general terms in the contents, such as "foodstuffs", "samples", "spare parts", etc., are not permitted.

Regarding the type of contents, an insertion of a cross in this space does not relieve Sender of the obligation of completing the declaration in detail; nor does it necessarily imply that the goods will be admitted free of duty in the destination:

  • "commercial sample" means: articles considered by customs as being of negligible value, which are merely used in pursuit of orders for merchandise of the kind.
  • "document" means: any medium intended to contain and actually containing information which, by virtue of its quantity or nature, is considered by customs as being of negligible value.

Sender should be aware of the latest requirement of documents and customs clearance procedures stipulated by customs in the destination. The customs in the destination may withhold and / or impose customs duties on any postal items as they consider lawful under the law of their own country. It is the responsibility of the senders / addressees to provide all the required documents for customs clearance of the postal item or arrange broker service if necessary. The customs in the destination will not inform the postal administrations, i.e. Hongkong Post, of the customs clearance information concerning the postal items.