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25 Mar 2020
Speedpost Services to certain destinations suspended or subject to delay

An updated list including new destinations with Speedpost Services suspended as a result of the reduction or cancellation of flights by airlines.

Destinations Speedpost Services
Asia Azerbaijan, Israel, Jordan, Gaza and
Khan Yunis
Africa Congo (Republic of), Morocco, Sudan Suspended
Central and South America Chile Suspended
Europe Armenia Suspended
Oceania Angola, Vanuatu, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, Nauru,
Caroline Island, Mariana Island,
Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Panama,
Papua New Guinea, Wake Island,
Solomon Islands

Another updated list is appended below to include new destinations with Speedpost Services to these destinations suspended or subject to delay as a result of local postal operation.

Destinations Service delay / suspension
Asia Georgia, Malaysia, Singapore Delayed
Maldives, Philippines Suspended
Africa Tunisia Suspended
Central and South America Chile, Honduras, Jamaica Delayed
Cayman Island Suspended
Europe Norway, Romania, Spitsbergen Delayed
Cyprus, North Macedonia Suspended
North America Canada Delayed
Oceania Easter Island, French Polynesia,
New Caledonia

Due to the substantial reduction in flight frequencies, Speedpost Services to a large number of destinations may be subject to considerable delays of more than two weeks in handing posted items to airlines subsequent to Hongkong Post’s completion of the handling procedures after posting.

Members of the public are advised to visit the Hongkong Post website at
https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/about_us/whats_new/notices/index_id_893.html and
to refer to all destinations and their respective services affected.

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