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Freight Service

Speedpost Freight Service

Easier and More Affordable Shipping of Bulky Goods

Our professional Freight Service provides fast and reliable courier of your heavy shipment overseas, guaranteeing on-time delivery to help you develop successful global business.

Service Features

  1. Delivery network covers over 90 destinations worldwide.
  2. Competitive service rates based on actual weight of the whole consignment. With up to 40% savings on Speedpost standard rates, "Speedpost Freight" definitely saves you money as well as time. Rates of Speedpost Freight Service.
  3. There is no limitation on the maximum number of items and weight of your consignment which can contain as few as two items, weighing 50 kg or more in total with each item at least 5kg. Individual packages are subject to size and weight limitation of the destination. Weight and size limitation of Speedpost destinations.

Posting Tips

  1. The whole consignment shall comply with the Speedpost Freight Service terms and conditions
  2. Affix the filled Pos460 address pack and the relevant customs declaration forms on each posting item
  3. Fill-in the Speedpost Freight Service Application Form, and hand this form to the acceptance officer at the time of posting or collection

Note: For some Speedpost services, charges for individual items may be lower than that of Freight service. Please compare the postage before posting and select the service that best suits your needs.

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